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Pleasant Valley Park Archives

Events in Pleasant Valley Park During 2009

Saturday September 26, 2009 was National Public Lands Day and PV Park participated for the third year.

Joe Galvin lead trail work from 9:00 to 12:00 followed by a . A mountain bike ride.

The 4-H Conservation Club did a Fall Cleanup on Saturday, from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM. In addition to picking up trash, we beautified the area around the parking lot, clearing brush and weeds in preparation for planting some shade trees.

4-H Conservation Club did two Trash Cleanups at Pleasant Valley Park as part of our PA CleanWays adoption requirement.

The Spring Trash Cleanup was held on April 5th from 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM at Pleasant Valley Park. (more info)

The Fall Cleanup was held on Saturday, September 26th (National Public Lands Day)

Friends of Murrysville Parks group and the Westmoreland Conservancy held a "Parks and Reserves Discovery Trail Walk" in PV Park on Saturday, July 4th that was attended by about 70 people.  (more info. about trail walks)

Volunteers worked on most Wednesday evenings during the Summer to complete several new trails in the park and install trail signs.

Events in Pleasant Valley Park During 2008

The PV Park Volunteers and the 4-H Conservation Club held a Fall Colors walk on Nov 2, 2008.

On National Public Lands Day,  Saturday, September 27th, 2008.  Volunteers cleaned up trash from along park border with Pleasant Valley Road, and from several other areas inside of park.

The Westmoreland Conservancy, PV Park Volunteers and the 4-H Conservation Club lead walks at Pleasant Valley Park on Saturday, May 24th for Pennsylvania Hiking Week.

The 4-H Conservation Club participated in the Fugitive Tire Program sponsored by Westmoreland CleanWays. This program pays our group for every tire that we turned in. The 4-H Conservation Club plans to use the money raised to help pay for tree signs for the Tree Identification Sign project that we are doing in Pleasant Valley Park.

Tire Cleanup Pictures | Bonnie Belak Report

Pleasant Valley Park Phase 2 Trail Proposal, Recommended Trail Names, And Tree Identification Signs (6MB)(Approved by Murrysville Council on 3/19/2008)

April is Earth Month and on April 13th the 4-H Conservation Club cleaned up a small part of Pleasant Valley Park.

The Botanical Society of Westmoreland County held a walk in the park on Sunday 9/12.

On June 17th. the Westmoreland Bird & Nature Club held a full bioblitz of PV Park searching for salamanders, snakes, turtles, ground beetles, galls, toadstools, etc.  (Species Lists Updated)

On June 20th. a Park Chat Walk was held in Pleasant Valley Park

Other News about Pleasant Valley Park

Trail News
The 8/10th mile "new" trail that was started on April 1 is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!! Work was finished by 7 volunteers at Wednesday's evening trail work session. If you haven't seen the trail recently, check it out!!! A revised trail map is available at: http://pvpark.org/documents/pv_map_2.1.pdf and at the park. We'll continue with our Wednesday evening trail work sessions and start on the remaining 6/10th of a mile (on the other side of the meadow) that we have permission to build.