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In Memory of our Volunteers

As you visit Pleasant Valley Park and look at the various names of the trails, you may wonder why one trail is named "Hank's Trail" and all the other trails are named after various trees.

"Hank's Trail" is named after Hank Kendall, a former PV Park volunteer.

When the PV Park Volunteers asked for permission in 2008 from Murrysville Council to construct more trails in the park and name the trails, they requested to be allowed to name one of the trails in his honor.

Hank Kendall led the effort to construct the PV Park parking lot, opening the park for usage by the public. Hank’s expertise in construction was instrumental in the design, layout and construction of the parking lot. His knowledge of PennDOT requirements was vital to determining that the location of the parking lot entrance had adequate sight distance for greater traffic volume than the park will likely ever generate. Hank also did a great deal of chainsaw work and other construction on the first half of the trail named in his honor.

Hank passed away from cancer in December 2006. At the family’s request, many people pledge money towards PV Park in lieu of flowers. That money was used to buy trail signs for the various trails.

PV Park Volunteers after installing fence

PV Park Volunteers (L to R) Hank Kendall, Richard Wagner, Edward Straub, and Mount Fitzpatrick after installing a split-rail fence at the entrance to the parking lot for Pleasant Valley Park.

Edward K. Straub was another former PV Park Volunteer who is greatly missed by the many people who knew him. Ed also passed away from cancer in 2010.

There is currently no formal memorial or item at the park named after Ed, but he was involved in many volunteer efforts out at Pleasant Valley Park.

He was responsible for creating and maintaining the original web site for the park. (Which is now being updated and maintained by another PV Park Volunteer.)

Ed helped build several of the trails out at the park and assisted in installing many of the trail bridges. He attended walks hosted at the park, took pictures of the park and posted them online, spoke at council meetings and participated in many other activities in support of the park.

Ed was also an active Geocacher and helped promote several of the geocaches that are located inside Pleasant Valley Park.