Pleasant Valley Park

Species Lists - Fauna (10/5/11)

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American robin Flicker Rose-breasted
American woodcock Field sparrow
Baltimore oriole Golden crowned kinglet Ruffed grouse
Barn swallow Goldfinch Scarlet tanager
Barred owl Grackle Screech owl
Black billed cuckoo Great horned owl Song sparrow
Blue jay Hairy woodpecker Starling
Bluebird Hooded warbler Tufted titmouse
Blue-winged warbler Indigo bunting Turkey
Brewster's warbler Kentucky warbler Turkey vulture
Brown thrasher Louisiana waterthrush White-breasted
Brown-headed cowbird Mallard duck
Cardinal Mourning dove White-crowned
Carolina chickadee Northern cardinal
Catbird Northern flicker White-eyed vireo
Cedar waxwing Ovenbird Willow flycatcher
Common yellowthroat Pileated woodpecker Winter wren
Crow Red-bellied woodpecker Wood thrush
Downy woodpecker Red-eyed vireo Yellow rumped
Eastern phoebe Red-tailed hawk
Eastern towhee Robin Yellow-billed cuckoo

American toad Green frog Red spotted newt
Box turtle Mountain dusky salamander Spotted salamander
Bullfrog Northern ringneck snake Spring peeper
Dusky salamander Northern water snake Two lined salamander
Garter snake Northern banded water snake Wood frog tadpoles
Gray tree frog Northern two lined salamander Wood frog

Bat, large brown Groundhog Red fox
Bat, small brown Gray squirrel Jumping mouse
Eastern chipmunk Long-tailed weasel White-tailed Deer
Flying squirrel Opossum White-footed mouse
Fox squirrel Raccoon  

Cabbage white butterfly Least skipper Question mark butterfly
Compton's tortoise shell Little wood satyr Red admiral
Eastern tailed blue Monarch Spring azure butterfly
Hackberry emperor Mourning cloak butterfly Tulip tree beauty
Juvenal's duskywing Northern pearly-eye Wild indigo duskywing

Ebony jewelwing 12 spotted skimmer Black saddlebag

Daddy-long legs (several species) Jumping spider (several species)

Insects (in General)
Bee fly Goldenrod gall moth Seven-spotted ladybug
Buffalo treehopper
(Ceresa spp)
Grapevine epimenis
Shadow darner
Shield-backed katydid
(Atlanicus spp.)
Bumblebee Green shield bug
Carpenter bee Handsome trig Snipefly, golden-backed
Click beetle Honeybee Snout-nosed leafhopper
(Scolops spp)
Common white tail Japanese beetle
Large lace-border
moth (Scropula
Spotted cucumber beetle
Striped cucumber beetle
Dogbane beetle Sweat bee
Goldenrod bunch gall
Largid bug
(species unknown)
True katydid
Goldenrod gall fly Preying mantis Two-spotted stinkbug
(Perillus bioculatus)

Black nosed dace Shiner species

Aquatic Invertebrates
Crane fly larva Mayfly nymph Water striders
Crayfish Stonefly larva  
Dragonfly larva Water boatman  

Tracks and Signs
Accipiter nest Deer tracks Raccoon tracks
Bald-faced hornet nest Flying squirrel nest Red fox tracks
Baltimore oriole nest Gray squirrel nest Red-eyed vireo nest
Blue jay nest Opossum tracks Ruffed grouse
Bobcat tracks Pileated woodpecker holes Sapsucker scars
Cardinal nest Praying Mantis egg case Mouse tracks

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