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Tree Identification Sign Project

The 4-H Conservation Club and the PV Park Volunteers are installing Tree Identification Signs in Pleasant Valley Park. The signs mark certain trees along the various trails. Only some of the signs are installed at this time. More information will be added as the project progresses. Pictures shown are of the actual tree sign, tree bark and leaves of the tree identified in Pleasant Valley Park.


TreeTrail/Other Info/Pictures
American basswood

(Tilia americana)
Location: White Oak Trail
American beech

(Fagus grandifolia)
American elm

(Ulmus americana)
American holly

(Ilex opaca)
American hornbeam

(Carpinus caroliniana)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
American sycamore Location:
Apple Location:
Beech See American Beech
Big tooth aspen

(Populus grandidentata)
Bitternut hickory

(Carya cordiformis)
Black birch

(Betula lenta)
Location: Red Maple Trail

Black Birch Tree Sign Black Birch Bark Black Birch Tree
Black cherry

(Prunus serotina)
Location: Red Maple Trail

Black Cherry Tree Sign Black Cherry Bark Black Cherry Tree
Black gum

(Nyssa sylvatica)
Black locust

(Robinia pseudoacacia)
Black oak

(Quercus velutina)
Location: Hank's Trail
Black walnut

(Juglans nigra)
Location: Hank's Trail

First Sign Installed

Black Walnut Tree Sign Black Walnut Bark Black Walnut Leaves
Catalpa See Northern Catalpa
Crab apple

(Pyrus coronaria)
Eastern hemlock

(Tsuga canadensis)
Location: Hemlock Trail

Some trees in this area were toppled by a strong wind storm in the spring of 2010.

Eastern Hemlock Tree Sign Eastern Hemlock Bark Eastern Hemlock Leaves / Needles Eastern Hemlock Tree
Eastern white pine

(Pinus strobus)
Location: Hank's Trail

Eastern White Pine Tree Sign
European chestnut Location: Chestnut Trail

European Chestnut Bark European Chestnut Leaves
Flowering dogwood

(Cornus florida)
Flowering peach Location:
Grey-stemmed dogwood Location:

(Celtis occidentalis)
Location: Chestnut Trail

Hackberry Tree Sign Hackberry Tree

(Crataegus Phaenopyrum)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
Hop hornbeam

(Ostrya virginiana)
See Ironwood

(Ostrya virginiana)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
Northern catalpa

(Catalpa speciosa)
Northern red oak Location: Red Oak Trail

Northern Red Oak Tree Sign Northern Red Oak Bark Northern Red Oak Tree
Norway spruce

(Picea abies)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
Paw paw

(Asimina triloba)
Location: Hank's Trail

A small tree growing to a height of 35 feet with a trunks 8-12 inches in diameter.

Paw Paw Tree Sign Paw Paw Tree Bark Paw Paw Leaves\
Pignut hickory

(Carya glabra)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
Pin cherry

(Prunus pensylvanica)
Pin Oak

(Quercus palustris)
Pitch pine

(Pinus rigida)
Location: Red Maple Trail

Pitch Pine Tree Sign Pitch Pine Bark Pitch Pine Needles Pitch Pine Tree
Red maple

(Acer rubrum)
Location: Red Maple Trail
Red mulberry

(Morus rubra)
Location: Chestnut Trail

Red Mulberry Tree Sign Red Mulberry Bark
Red oak See Northern Red Oak
Red pine

(Pinus resinosa)
Location: Red Maple Trail

Red Pine Tree Sign Red Pine Bark Red Pine Tree

(Sassafras albidum)

(Amelanchier pallida)
Scarlet Oak

(Quercus coccinea)
Shagbark hickory

(Carya ovata)
Location: Hornbeam Trail
Shingle oak

(Quercus imbricaria)
Location: Chestnut Trail

Shingle Oak Tree Sign Picture Shingle Oak Bark Shingle Oak Tree
Silver maple

(Acer saccharinum)
Slippery elm

(Ulmus rubra)
Location: White Oak Trail
Staghorn sumac

(Rhus typhina)
Location: Hank's Trail

Staghorn Sumac Tree Sign Staghorn Sumac Bark Staghorn Sumac Fruit
Sugar maple Location: Chestnut Trail

Sugar Maple Tree Sign Sugar Maple Bark

(Plantanus occidentalis)
Tree-of-heaven Location:
Tulip tree Location: Hank's Trail

Tulip Tree Leaves
White ash

(Fraxinus americana)
Location: Hemlock Trail

White Ash Tree Sign White Ash Bark
White oak

(Quercus alba)
Location: White Oak Trail
White pine See Eastern White Pine

(Hamamelis virginiana)
Location: White Oak Trail

If you are aware of a particular tree, that we have not identified, along one of the trails in Pleasant Valley Park, please feel free to let us know about it. Bonnie Belak is the Organizational Leader for the 4-H Conservation Club and can be reached at 724-327-6885 (leave a message).