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Using Pleasant Valley Park

Pleasant Valley Park's 262 acres of woodlands, open fields, hilltops and remote valleys provide excellent areas for many outdoor activities year round. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors in a natural area, is likely to find something to like about Pleasant Valley Park.

for Hiking, Dog Walking, Cross-Country Skiing, Mt. Bike Riding

The park is a perfect place for Hiking. There are 7 different single-track trails that travel mostly through the wooded areas. If you want to see meadows, than you can also stroll along several old farm roads. Just watch out for the muddy spots and ruts in wet weather.

It is also great for Dog Walking, just remember to keep your dog under control at all time and clean up after them. A garbage can is provided at the parking lot for disposing of waste and other trash.

In the winter, when there is enough snow, you can go Cross-Country Skiing or Snow Shoeing in the park.

Pleasant Valley Park is a favored Mt. Bike Riding destination for both beginning and experienced Mountain Bike Riders. Several Mountain Bike Riding Groups meet out at Pleasant Valley Park on a regular basis.

for Bird / Nature Watching, Fields, Flowers, Woods, Peace and Quiet

It is an excellent venue for Bird / Nature Watching as it has a lot of different habitats - wooded areas, meadows, streams, hilltops and remote valleys - for a wide variety of fauna or natural wildlife.

The Fields, Flowers, Woods also offer a wide variety of flora for park visitors to enjoy and even photograph.

Peace and Quiet is easy to come by on many of the more remote trails.

for Conservation Classroom, Hunting, Geocaching

Pleasant Valley Park has become a Conservation Classroom for the 4-H Conservation Club, where the 4-H kids have learned about nature and conservation while participating in fun activities.

Hunting in Pleasant Valley Park is limited to muzzle loader and archery seasons with prior certification and registration required by the Municipality of Murrysville.

Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users and park visitor can enjoy searching for the five or so Geocaches that are located in the park.

But don't take my word for it, just visit our Park Visitor Comments page, and see what other people have said about Pleasant Valley Park.