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Park Visitor Comments

(Taken from Geocache Logs)

As of November 2011, there are five Geocaches in PV Park. Geocachers usually record finding a geocache on the global geocache web site at http://www.geocaching.com/ and often will leave comments about the geocache or the location. Some comments made by geocachers about Pleasant Valley Park are listed on this page.

"Good geocache to find with kids! Great park!"
September 11, 2011

"Our last find in PV Park. Had to pause for a few moments to let a couple of turtles cross the path as we were hiking into this one. Got a little turned around, so the trip back to the parking lot took the scenic route."
June 20, 2011

"I walked through the green Pleasant Valley rather than taking the trail. If I had to do over again I'd take the trail!"
April 14, 2011

"We were gonna try and knock a few off our list in the park but this was the only one we got to before nightfall. The area looks promising. I'm looking forward to coming back here."
November 20, 2010

"Doing the park today. Nice hike on the trails. Nothing really hard, just a nice walk. Great loop of caches."
August 29, 2010

"Had a very nice hike. Nature is awesome. This was my 2nd find!"
July 10, 2010

"Have been past this park many times, never realized how nice it is. Enjoyed a late afternoon hike to find this cache. Especially enjoyed the pines."
August 30, 2009

"Up from Charleston, SC on vacation, visiting family in Greensburg. Out for the day caching with my Son-in-law, Dr. Vohs. GREAT park! ... this is REAL geocaching."
July 28, 2009

"Really like walking the trails here. When we were here last there was a lot of snow. Nice hide."
June 7, 2009

"Cache number 2 on this hot, hot spring day. Thanks for the cache! Kids traded some items. Such a nice park. All the new trails and trail signs look great!"
April 26, 2009

"4th cache on a beautiful spring day. Nice park-had a great time today-also enjoyed checking out the frogs in the small pond near the parking lot."
March 15, 2009

"What a wonderful November day for a walk. Saw two deer two times in four different places. Nice hide in a great park."
November 6, 2008

"Followed a nice 6 point buck most of the way from the parking lot to the trail head. Seems we were both out for a great November morning. He never looked back and I saw him again near the cache. Good hide, love this park." November 6, 2008

"We love the wildness of this park. I hope they keep it this way. I see bow hunting is in season, so wear your orange."
November 4, 2008

"Very nice hike, love the park. This is what a hiking park should be. Saw a herd of deer while looking for the cache."
August 18, 2008

"Happened to be driving by the park, knew I had coords for a cache in the GPS and had a little time...we pulled in and took a walk. First time at this park, enjoyed it!" July 12, 2008

"First of two in the PV Park with two Rovers along with a friend - Greg. Follow the advice and follow the trail...the shortest distance between two points is likely to turn a pleasant hike into a daunting adventure!"
April 27, 2008

"Your pleasant valley was not very green today, it was rather white. A minute after we left our truck it started to snow. It only took us a half hour round trip and by the time we came back our tracks were gone."
January 17, 2008

"Wonderful park! I would say it is just about perfect as it is!"
January 12, 2008

"I really like the trails in this park. Nice walk, my first find of the day."
December 30, 2007

"After a slight detour, we managed to find this beautiful park. It never ceases to amaze me the tracts of "wilderness" we have so close to Pittsburgh. It's great that there are still places in the suburbs that you can go out into the woods and feel (and even be) completely alone."
December 25, 2007

"Nice park, we are regular visitors to the area from the UK and have never stopped here."
November 10, 2007

"Nice brisk fall day for a cache. Had never heard of Pleasant Valley Park before this cache listing. Took the path to the cache & got a good workout winding back & forth around & around!"
November 4, 2007

"Thanks for bringing me to this nice undeveloped park!!! I like that it is just biking, hiking, hunting. The trails are awesome. I wish I would have brought my bike to explore more of the trails. I think I will be back with the bike."
August 1, 2007

"This is a very nice greenspace. We've been here once before. It nice how all the trails loop around the meadow. The meadow was full of many wild flowers - a nice hike!"
July 7, 2007

"A nice comfortable morning and hike, on the way back it started to get a bit-buggy but no big-deal. I really like the trails in this park, even though they are new they are well marked and cleared with some nice bridges, great old trees, etc. North Huntingdon has jaggers, Murrysville has hills, I guess that it all works out."
June 11, 2007

"I got together w/ Toronado today for a cache hunt. I wanted to check out this newer Murrysville park. We enjoyed our hike and did see some wildlife & heard many birds. We found the cache fine, then went onwards on other trails. We kinda got confused, even with the map, but Toronado got us turned around to the right direction. We walked along the creek & saw many fish (darters?), finally came out on a trail which wound thru the woods & back to the old farm road. I enjoyed the several hemlock groves we passed. At the pond, we saw 2 snakes, which Toronado took pics of, & tons of tadpoles. Along the farm road, we saw deer & turkey tracks. This is a nice park, particularly in the woods, & very peaceful."
June 4, 2007

"Nice easy sailing. The waters revealed frogs, tadpoles, and snakes. Dr. Maturin would have been in heaven with all the naturalistic things."
May 4, 2007

"Nice afternoon for a walk, knees held up quite well. I would say that after a good rain the farm roadways would become quite slippery and that care should be used at such times. It has been many years since I hunted this farm but there is still a lot of game sign everywhere. On the way in at the split of the roadways I flushed a large hen turkey when I got within ~5yds, I certainly wasn't expecting that."
May 4, 2007