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Pleasant Valley Park Volunteers

The Pleasant Valley Park Volunteers are an informal group of citizens that strongly support preserving Pleasant Valley Park for the enjoyment of future generations, preserving open space, and the protecting the environment.

Financial Contributions are needed to support efforts at Pleasant Valley Park. While good things can be accomplished through volunteer labor, these projects will often have some cost for material or the cost for contracted services. The parking lot is a good example where money was required for the gravel, fencing, concrete bumpers, and cost of grading and spreading gravel.

  1. Materials to construct trail bridges at about $100-150 each.
  2. Materials for sign posts and metal trail signs.
  3. Materials for sign posts for Tree Identification Sign Project.
  4. Gravel and other supplies to repair wet trail area between park ponds.
  5. Costs of providing copies of park trail maps.
  6. Costs for mowing fields and farm roads if not done by a volunteer.

Volunteers are needed to help build and maintain trails, remove old metal fencing, build / install signs, inventory flora and fauna, remove invasive plants, clean up several old trash dump areas, mow grass and possibly add some landscaping to the parking lot.

Planning Parking Lot Fence Installation Finished Parking Lot
Planning Parking Lot After Fence Installation Finished Parking Lot
Installing a Bridge Installing Park Sign Cutting Weeds
Installing a Bridge After Sign Installation Cutting Weeds on Trail
Installing Drain pipes Gravel Pile Working on Trail
Installing Drain Pipes Moving Gravel to Trail Working on Trail

In 2010 some members of the PV Park Volunteers joined with other groups to form the Murrysville Trail Alliance (MTA).

Instead of focusing just on one park, the Murrysville Trail Alliance are working to build opportunities and accommodations for hiking and cycling throughout Murrysville. The MTA publicizes hiking and cycling opportunities; plans trail walks and trail work days; and works to promote and develop new trail accommodations.

Visit the Murrysville Trail Alliance website for information about meeting days and locations.

In 2011 members of the Pleasant Valley Park Volunteers joined forces with new team members to continue enhancing the park’s trail system. They created a new group, with a new name. More information about this new group can be found on the Pleasant Valley Trailbuilders page of our website.

Volunteer Accomplishments

Parking Lot
In 2005, Council approved the PV Park Volunteer's plan to construct a parking lot for use by Park visitors. The Volunteers raised funds and provided labor necessary to complete the parking lot in October 2005. The parking lot was built without using any tax money. The parking lot was vital, since without a parking lot, the public couldn't access the Park.

The P.V. Park Volunteers prepared a design for creating an initial network of trails in the Park. The Administration reviewed the design, and Council approved the building of the trails. The first section of the trail, approximately a mile long was cleared, marked and open for public use in October 2006.

Approval for additional trails was sought and received in 2008. So far the Pleasant Valley Park Volunteers have completed a little under five miles of trail that is open for hiking or mountain biking.

Trail Map
A trail map was created to help visitors navigate around the park.

Park Sign
Money was raised and a fancy metal sign frame and park sign was purchased by the PV Park Volunteers. It was installed in the spring of 2007 (look for exact date).

Trash Cleanup
The 4-H Conservation Club adopted Pleasant Valley Park through PA CleanWays. They volunteer to clean up trash from Pleasant Valley Park at least twice a year as part of that adoption. Their petition to be allowed to adopt the park was approved by Murrysville Council on October 3, 2007.

At each cleanup they have removed at least three to six bags of trash from Pleasant Valley Park. One area they cleaned up had over eight buckets of bottles and broken glass that was removed at two separate cleanups.

Buckets of glass and other garbage   Buckets of Glass
National Public Lands Day
September 27, 2008
PV Park Redd Up
October 12, 2008

Web Site
Creating this web site for Pleasant Valley Park was a volunteer effort by Edward K. Straub, who also maintained the website until his death in 2010 from cancer.

The site is now maintained by another PV Park Volunteer.